A Letter To 13 Year Old Me and 50 Year Old Me

Dear 13 year old Esse,

Life kinda sucks right now but it will get better I promise. I’m sorry those girls wrote you that mean letter. Everything happened for a reason, those girls would have been a bad influence on you anyways. Its okay to be alone you’re an introvert anyways.

You end up learning so much, Jesus becomes your best friend and he accepts you for who you are 10 years later you are better person that you could have ever imagined. Middle school is not forever and you don’t even see those people anymore. I love you and remember that everything happened for a reason

Dear 50 year old Esse,

I have so many questions to ask you! Where do I even begin

Did you ever get the job at that hospital?

Are you married? Do you have kids? How many? Any Grandkids?

If you got married are you still in love?

What is God doing in your life?

What kind of music do you like?

Did you ever start hiking?

Please tell me you bought a camera!

Please tell me you’ve travelled and are still traveling

Do you live in New Zealand?

Do you still listen to sermons on your iPod?

Do you have any advice for me right now?

I love you and remember everything happens for a reason.

If you wrote your old and future self a letter what would you say?


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