James Part 1

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should post sermons I listen to because I love listening to different sermons but after I do I eventually forget what I heard.

So i’m going to post sermons I like and what I learned. Starting with this sermon about the book of James.

This sermon is by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill church



The most worshiped man in the history of the world is Jesus Christ.If Jesus had any faults, failures, or flaws, his family would be the one to know and his family would be the one to tell. They were there for years of his life before he was public, before he was famous, before he was well-known. They knew him the most and they saw him in the years when no one else observed him.

So James Jesus’s brother is the senior leader in the church when the book of James is written. He’s a teacher, a preacher, and a writer, and he has authority over a whole network of churches.

James is believed to be one of the first books written in the New Testament, and at that point, a lot of the Christians were Jewish, though later many Gentiles would join christianity. And today, of the few billion people on earth who worship Jesus, the majority of us are Gentiles, not Jews. But at this point, the majority of them were, in fact, Jewish.

That’s who he’s writing to, and he is writing as a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In three titles, James tells us who Jesus is. He’s the Lord who saves us and was chosen by God the Holy Spirit to be empowered for a life that was perfect and without sin, that we might be saved through him.

James says that he is Jesus servant but why does he not say that he is his brother?

Number one, he didn’t need to. If you were Jesus’ brother, everybody knew that. You didn’t have to put that on your résumé. “I’m James.”

Number two, there’s a lot of guys named James in the New Testament, and they’ll say, “James, son of this guy,” or “James, son of that guy,” to denote who it is. Any time it just says “James,” this guy’s so well-known, he doesn’t need any additional information.

Thirdly, to say he was Jesus’ brother could give the impression that he was proud, and here he wants to follow in his brother’s example of humility. So, he doesn’t say, “I’m Jesus’ brother”; he says, “I’m Jesus’ servant. When he was on earth, yeah, maybe we shared bunk beds together, but now that he’s exalted in heaven, he’s Lord over me, and I’m servant under him.”

Jesus  family is not with him consistently, but they’re with him intermittently. Just like if you’ve grown up and left home, your family’s not there every day like when you lived in the same house, but they do intersect your life at strategic points.

Truth be told they thought Jesus was crazy but whats important is to understand that christianity was founded on the claim that Jesus is God but his family didn’t originally believe it. They were concerned about it, they even tried to have an intervention with him.

Jesus was respected except by his family. Its like trying to teach your parent or siblings something and they don’t listen to you. It was lonely for Jesus and he didn’t have the support of his family for a long time.

Sometimes your family are the last people to see you for who you’ve become. because who you’ve become is tainted by who you were. Sometimes families can be complicated and discouraging, there is a lot of humanity in his family. They are not just walking around pretending to agree they have doubts like most people do about Jesus.

For those of you that are Christians, the book of James is written largely to religious people who know a lot but they don’t do a lot.

And he’s trying to move them from conviction to action, from belief to behavior.

My question to you would be: what is Jesus commanding you to do?

What is his will for you this year?

What’s on the to do list from Jesus for your life starting right now?



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