Who See’s The Real You?

I came across this video today when I was having a really bad day.

To be honest it didn’t make me feel better because no one see’s the real me on this earth. I know God see’s the real me because he’s always there he’s always been there. So he knows who I am. I don’t think I can honestly say that even I can see the real me because sometimes I say, think and do things that are contrary to who I think I am.

I don’t really know what I am capable of doing or being but Gods does, thats why I love him. Thats why I’m a christian because despite the fact that God knows my future sins he still chooses to love me and say I’m a part of his family.

Eventhough I choose to live for myself and more often than not ignore Jesus, he still persistently wants to be my best friend and my brother. He actually understands me more than any person ever could

Gods Holy Spirit who lives in me although I question that sometimes, I know he’s there and he will never leave me. I love him because without him chances are as a christian I wouldn’t be able to make it on this earth. It seems like everything here kinda sucks after a while. So for me the holy spirit is a Survival on earth guide for Dummies. Life seems more simple when I listen to him BUT when I don’t, life gets harder.

Who see’s the real you?


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