Dear God part 2

I wrote Dear God part 1 yesterday.

Since then God showed up not physically of course 😀  but this morning when I went to church the pastor was like “I know some of you need to make some important decisions and you want to hear from the lord, you want to know his will..” I’m paraphrasing but Im sure that was God humoring me.

The pastor never really elaborated on things, he went off on a tangent so I stopped listening and started reading posts on tumblr with my phone.

I read so many things that encouraged me so in a way God spoke to me through all those people. I learned so much and I feel really peaceful right now so I know it was God

Truth be told I still don’t know Gods will on where I should work BUT thats okay everything is going to be ok because God love me thats why I know Gods will whatever it is it’s going to come to pass so I can trust him .

Who knows I’ll probably be feeling like this  a week from now but I don’t care because I know God will show up and speak to me in another way and put peace in my heart.

So in a way God answered me that he loves me and everything is going to be ok : )

I’ve learned to question myself a lot so I ask myself how do I really know this is God?

In this situation I know  its God because I feel really peaceful and I don’t feel like I have to perform any works and then everything will be ok. It just is…

Gods spirit makes you feel peaceful and assures  you are God’s child.

A spirit that is not of God is one that makes you feel anxious, like you need to perform some sort of work, it makes you doubt that you are really in Gods family, make you feel like Gods is angry with you, makes you dwell on the past…

So God,

if you are reading thank you.

than you for being the best father a girl could ask for, thank you for letting Jesus come and die for my sins so I can talk to you like this. Its an actual privilege that i rarely acknowledge. Thank you for putting your Holy spirit in a sinful human like me.

thank you for putting peace in my heart so I can get through the day. I trust you to do it tomorrow and the day after that

Thank you for giving me wisdom please don’t stop I want more

Thank you for my wonderful life and family

Thanks father 😀


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