The Gospel and Singleness

From the series “Lies We Believe About Sex, Singleness & Marriage”


In the 1900s man woman relationships were centered around the family houses were even built so the family could be invloved

In the 1920s urbanization afforded young people to do things apart from their family, social outlets opened up the ability for sexual promiscuity

In the 50s Alfred Kinsey (pervert) used science as an excuse to practice sexual deviances. He set the way our public school teaches sex education. Hugh Hefner gave him a million dollars to conduct “research.” They have shaped much of the knowledge we have of sex today.

Fast forward to now where girls can buy the morning after pill at the drug store.

A pharmacist decided to do the drug profile of girls who buy the morning after pill. He has found that first they get the morning after pill then a couple of months later they get birth control, a couple of months later they get anti depressants, then a couple of months later they get weight control pills and then it just goes in to a plethora of medication they are getting to cope with sexual promiscuity.

We live in a culture that has gone sexually insane, as a single person if you look to your culture to get information you will not be taught well

Sexual temptation does not go away when you get married it can get worse because now you can imagine even better and you know how things work.


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