Purpose of life

Every one of us walks around the earth with a can of peaches and Jesus is the only one with a can opener.” And we’re just frustrated. Sir Arnold Toynbee’s a historian. He said that, “Of the 21 greatest nations, civilizations, in the history of the world, ours, the modern west, is the first and the only that does not teach its citizens why they exist because we don’t know.”

“The goal, then, should be this – to find life forward, live it backward.” You gotta know why you’re here and then organize your life toward that purpose. And there’s really only two options. The goal is us or the goal is God. And Jesus says, “If you lose your life, that’s how you find it.” That the whole point of life is God and I’ll tell you the beauty of this. As soon as you worship God, as soon as you know God, as soon as you’re connected to God, you have diminished expectations for life. Life doesn’t need to be perfect.

The reason he’s brought you here tonight is to love him. To worship him. To trust him. And to realize that he is the goal of your existence and anything else you may set up, will be frustrating. And those of you that have tried, that’s why you keep changing gods


Look, I know what this stuff is intended for. I created it. I gave it to you. I love you. If you use it in relationship with me, I’ll show you how it’s supposed to go and you can actually enjoy it and be happy.” But, apart from Creator, creation is meaningless.


The goal is this – enjoy the life that God has given you by drawing near to him and then Creator will help you enjoy creation.

And here’s the secret. If you forget everything else, remember this. What will keep you from sin? What will keep you from sin? Satisfaction will keep you from sin. That’s the great secret of a Christian life. Satisfied people don’t need to sin. Do I like to eat? I do. Can it become gluttony? Of course. Do I stop eating? No. You can only do that for so long.


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