What hearing God does not mean?

Its important to understand that all human problems come from hearing God wrongly. If we are in the image of God in order for us to understand ourselves righty we have to first understand God.

The very idea of hearing God can be troublesome because God communicates in many ways dreams visions, actions in the physical world, the bible.

But did you know the bible can kill you because when reading the bible there are many ways we can bring ourselves to the bible and not understand it. “if a jackass looks into a mirror he will not see an apostle looking out” and very often the bible is a mirror and we see what we bring to it.

We have to read the bible on the assumption that we don’t already know what it says, we have to come before it humbly, repentantly assuming that you haven’t got it.

Thats is important because when God is speaking to us we must always leave it in a position where we are not in control. Because the desire to control is one of the many ways that we fail to hear God. The desire to make him say what we want him to say.

So when we come into conversations with God we want to abandon our hopes for control

What about motive? why do you want to hear from God. Do you want to hear from God when you don’t have a need. Or are you actually trying to use God’s guidance to keep you safe. Many people want to know the will of God so they will not be responsible for their actions, they can say God said it, He told me to do it.

But responsibility is the heart to our relationship with God.

We can be on the wrong side of life because we are on the wrong side of God.

Guidance is not the focus of a conversational relationship with God. If you had a child and the only time they talked to you was because they wanted guidance you would realize there was something wrong with that relationship.

Some people think if God is not telling them what to do all the time they are out of the will of God. But that is not the idea of how God develops his saints.

YOu can try too hard to hear God. In a conversational relationship you have to leave initiative for the other person, you have to leave space and also not think about yourself the whole time.

Bible roulette is another way people try to hear form God, you open the bible point your finger and say thats what God told me to do. Have you discovered that you don’t have to be right all the time for God to work with you. Sometimes you have to remember that just because God blesses something it doesn’t mean it was his preference, we don’t have to be right. But its not the right way to try to hear from God.

There are real problems that come from methods of forcing God to tell us something. But you do not force a conversation, you respect, you wait and you listen.

Another problem is that people often assume that people in authority bring Gods word and God’s will. it often happens in a context where people are not taught to hear Gods word for themselves, so when the person in authority says God said, they don’t know what to say. This always leads to terrible things.

Many people have trouble hearing God because they think he is far off, space is an issue. BUt space and distance is not a problem for God

Hearing God is not about getting a word or a verse it is about developing our character by being with God

So hearing from God is not getting a free pass from having the anxiety to make decisions

People who are locked into managing their own worlds can superstitiously start doing things. In superstition there is no natural connection between what you are trying to manipulate, and what makes a connection natural is that you don’t cook it up


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