“I’m trying to be more patient. I want everything to happen right now, when I know I should be going slow and paying my dues.””In what area are you most impatient?””I know I should say ‘career,’ but honestly, I really want to fall in love.””How do you pay your dues in love?””You’ve got to meet a lot of people. You can’t just go around saying: ‘Hey! You’re nice, and attractive. So I love you!’”



“Being a leader in any ministry is all about serving people. Your job is to listen to them, accept them and love them. You are showing them the love of Christ. For some people, you will be the only person in their life who loves them and doesn’t want or expect anything from them. I’m not gonna lie, this kind of calling is not easy. You will be dissed, rejected, talked about, even hated. You will have long nights and conversations you can’t even imagine. You will learn the dark parts about people’s lives and it will require tons of patience, humility and gentleness. “


“There’s a place you want to be in your walk with the Lord. You know you’re not there yet, and you probably think it will never really happen, but instead of focussing on that, what if you just imagine you’re already there now? Think about it. Pretend for a few minutes that you are exactly where you want to be with Jesus – how would He feel about you? What kinds of stuff would you talk about with Him? What would be the most important thing to you? Okay, whatever that world would be like, just go ahead and live there. Go ahead and act like you are where you want to be with Jesus and just love Him like that. He’s already there with you. It can be yours, right now, today.”

Pain and Suffering

“The problem of pain isn’t an equation you work out with your own guilt in tow. In fact, Jesus paid to remove your guilt forever. Suffering is complicated, but it’s not a penalty. Whatever happens, you are not being punished. That is the Good News.”

bad things

“When something terrible happens to you, do you automatically assume it’s because of something wrong you did? If something doesn’t go your way, is your first instinct to look back at the week you just lived and review the sins you did that you haven’t asked forgiveness for? It’s the most natural thing in the world to assume that bad things happen as a result or a punishment for your sin, but it’s not that simple. If hard times were just a result of sin, we could clean up our act and avoid difficulty and suffering, but we know that isn’t the way things work. God isn’t keeping a tally of your sin and dealing out appropriate punishments for those bad choices and attitudes as a way to get you to step in line. If you want proof, look at Jesus who never sinned, but suffered more than we can imagine. No, the punishment for sin is not a bad day, a car wreck, a disease or financial ruin. The punishment for sin is eternal separation from God and Jesus paid it on your behalf so that you can be forgiven forever. When bad things happen, there is no simple explanation and no place to easily point a finger of blame.”

alone vs lonely

My problem is I like being alone too much. I don’t hate people, I just can’t take them in large doses. I have a very small group of friends I see occasionally. I like to be alone with my thoughts and enjoy the world as it is.  Spending time by yourself, enjoying the world and organizing your thoughts can be very fulfilling. But sometimes i feel lonely and it sucks…

Single 2.0

“You are single because this is the time that God is going to use you the most, where you’re going to learn about what you want in life, where you’re going to learn that independence comes from inside of you. This is where God is casting your mold. This is where He is shaping your weakness into strength. This is where He is gluing the pieces of your heart together in an entirely new shape so that everyone else in your life can see the light shine through the cracks”


“You’re single because you deserve to be alone. Not because you don’t deserve someone else to love you, but because you deserve to have time to love yourself and just yourself. Because you deserve to be the best possible version of you for everyone else in your life.”


“God doesn’t want to “fix” you. God doesn’t want to test you. God doesn’t want you to feel lonely and abandoned. God wants to mold you.”

fixing things

“As a Christian, I know the first thing I should do when I see a red flag in my life is pray about it. But do I? Of course not. I’m too focused on fixing things by myself, laying them out in front of me and trying to figure out where I’m going next. I constantly forget that it’s not my road. I did not build it. I did not choose this path.”